1- Although anyone can purchase a memorial, the cemetery requires the plot owner to sign the paperwork that needs to be submitted. In most cases without having the plot owner sign off, the cemetery will not allow setting of the memorial. Prestige is not directly affiliated with any cemetery and has no control over the length of time it takes for an approval.

2- After cemetery approval, Prestige will make a scaled drawing of the memorial. The purchaser must check all dates, design, wording etc. The purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the proof once signed off on. The signed proof is required for production.

3- The cemetery generally charges a fee for the application and foundation. This fee is NOT included in the price of the memorial. The forms of payment that are accepted vary by cemetery. Prestige will contact you and advise on the method of payments accepted.

4- Production time is generally between 6-12 weeks from cemetery approval. Setting may not occur during winter months as some cemeteries will not allow it and the grave site may not be accessible due to ground conditions. If this should occur setting will resume once conditions/the cemetery allows on a first come, first serve basis. 

5- Should the stone purchased not conform to cemetery regulations, Prestige will advise of the new price. Any changes in price downward will be reduced according to our price list, upward to be mutually agreed upon.