Proudly Serving NJ With Custom Monument Design

When choosing a memorial or monument for your loved ones who have passed on, it is important to pick something that is as unique and memorable as they are. At Prestige Memorials, our experienced monument design professionals proudly offer a host of custom design options crafted to commemorate your loved one in a tasteful and unique fashion. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our custom design services.

Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques add a tasteful and timeless touch to any monument or headstone. With our in-house casting services at Prestige Memorials, you can be sure that you are getting the highest-quality work at the best possible price. Work with us, and immortalize a custom message of love and remembrance for the ones that matter most to you.


Our custom etchings further add to the monument design options available to you through our in-house production at Prestige Memorials. Our etchings are performed either by hand or by precise laser machine to ensure a perfect result on any material. Our artists will etch any text or your choice and also proudly etch pictures and designs by request.

Porcelain Photos

Adding a porcelain photo to your loved one’s monument can preserve his or her memory in a truly unique and decorative way. At Prestige Memorials, our in-house production team will add any photo of your request to your monument. Our porcelain photos come in either black and white or color and can be affixed to stones of all kinds.

Custom Monument Design from the Experts

Our monument design experts at Prestige Memorials offer in-house design and production, plus a host of custom options to make your loved one’s memorial truly unique. Sit down with our team and design a monument custom-made to commemorate the memory of those most special to you. Contact our professionals today.