Memorials for Arlington Cemetery, Kearny NJ

*We are located across the street from the cemetery on the Belleville Turnpike next to CVS*

Rules and Regulations

Memorial Application – Arlington Cemetery requires all memorials to go through an application process before being set. Prestige will handle the application but the plot owner or next of kin generally needs to sign the paperwork we submit. If another family member or party is signing the application it has to be cleared by the cemetery.

Foundation – All memorials require a foundation which is a concrete structure in the ground under the memorial. There is a fee for the foundation which is made payable to cemetery (their fee not ours) at the time of the application. If the gravesite already has a pre poured foundation the fee is still required. Foundation fees vary depending on the size of the memorial but start at $625 (subject to change).

Design and Size of the Memorial – Arlington Cemetery will allow most designs and lettering and does not require any religious symbols be placed on the memorial. They do however require the memorial to be a specific size which varies by location which is noted below. If you are unsure of the gravesite location we will find out for you.

Permitted Sizes by Section

Slant Granite Marker Sections

  • Cypress Hill
  • Oak Meadow
  • New Eaton Garden

Flush Granite Marker Sections

  • Cedar Lawn Memorial
  • Johnson Gardens
  • Memorial Park A
  • Memorial Park B
  • Memorial Park C

Upright Granite Marker Section

  • Sylvan Hill