Family Owned and Operated Manufacturer Of Quality  Memorials

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Serving Cemeteries NJ,NY,NYC(All boroughs), Long Island, PA and CT with design and setting at the gravesite.

Flush Pricing 2-0"x1-0"x0-4"

First and Last name, year of birth and death, religious emblem and epitaph up to 15 characters included. If your cemetery requires a different size please contact us for pricing information or assistance in determining what memorial size your loved ones resting place requires.
Mountain Rose
Charcoal GreyEvergreenImperial PinkCats Eye
India Red
Royal Mahogoney
Absolute Black
Bahama Blue
Tropical Green
India Impala

Flat Upgrades

Vcut Design and LetteringUpgrade to Design Book.Setting and Cemetery Application Simple Color Painting 

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